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More freedom, more flexibility

When your schedule demands bespoke travel services, finding private jet companies that can deliver to your specifications isn’t easy. With InsiJets, you’re empowered to fly on your own terms. It’s like having the privilege of ownership with the latitude of a private jet rental.
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Meet the InsiJets athlete ambassador, Valtteri Bottas

When your time and performance matter above all else, travel must be seamless. That’s why Valtteri Bottas chooses to fly with InsiJets. Bottas’ competition and business schedule demand extensive travel from his home in Nice to headquarters near Turin and between race routes. InsiJets secures efficient, discrete travel, flawlessly executed… right down to the in-flight sushi Bottas prefers. As of 2019, Bottas is InsiJets’ official ambassador. 

Discover our InsiJets Card

Take control over when you fly, where you fly and how — without the commitment of a fractional ownership program.
InsiJets Card is a highly-tailored solution that gives you contractually guaranteed access to the ideal aircraft for any trip, with flying hours at a fixed rate.

Why celebrities fly private ?

Ever wondered why celebrities choose private jets? Kym Illman, an F1 Youtuber and Photographer, recently flew with InsiJets in a Citation XLS and was impressed. He often hears about F1 drivers using private jets and questioned the cost. Now, he understands the benefits over commercial flights. In his video, Kym shares his journey from Nice to Barcelona after the 2024 Monaco GP and reviews the private jet experience. Watch the full video for details.

InsiJets is committed to reducing CO2 emissions

The convenience and amount of time saved when using private jets are the generally recognized advantages. Indeed, both factors carry significant weight in the decision to use these services. Nevertheless, private flights are often “demonized” by public opinion. They are accused of being, relatively speaking, less efficient in reducing carbon emissions than commercial flights. However, a close analysis of the facts points in the opposite direction.

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Why celebrities fly private ?

Kym Illman, an F1 Youtuber and Photographer, recently flew a Citation XLS with InsiJets and now understands why celebrities and F1 drivers prefer private jets over commercial flights, sharing his experience from Nice to Barcelona after the 2024 Monaco GP in a video.