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Access an exclusive, state-of-the-art private fleet worldwide — with more freedom, flexibility and cost-effective flight solutions.

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bespoke travel services

When your schedule demands bespoke travel services, finding private jet companies that can deliver to your specifications isn’t easy. With InsiJets, you’re empowered to fly on your own terms. It’s like having the privilege of ownership with the latitude of a private jet rental.

Too many private travellers make trade-offs between experience and customization, efficiency and cost, choice and reliability.

At InsiJets, we believe you should have it all:

  • Dedicated, 24/7 access to an expert personal flight consultant
  • One-on-one guidance to swiftly secure every private jet hire
  • The highest standards in safety, seamless service and luxury
  • Timely access to a diverse, state-of-the-art fleet with service to 98% of the world’s airports
  • Clear, competitive pricing on all private jet flights
Private Jet Hire | Private Charter Flights | Insijets
Private Jet Hire | Private Charter Flights | Insijets

As a fully independent private jet consulting company, InsiJets offers a more tailored private flight service.

We act on the sole interest of clients, not shareholders or owners.

That means you’ll always receive utterly impartial advice on the most flexible, tailored and cost-effective private jet solutions.

You benefit from exclusive access to a floating private fleet through our partnership with an International Aircraft Network, all EASA, ARGUS, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO certified.

We offer the top-tier safety and luxury standards you rely on from multinational private jet rental companies, but with a boutique touch.

Whether you choose to fly private based on live market pricing or fixed hourly rates, InsiJets’ leverage and bargaining power deliver the most cost-effective and hassle-free private jet solutions for each and every flight.


Meet the InsiJets Brand Ambassador and F1 Champion – Valtteri Bottas

When your time and performance matter above all else, travel must be seamless. That’s why Valteri Bottas chooses to fly with InsiJets. Bottas’ competition and business schedule demand extensive travel from his home in Nice to headquarters near Turin and between race routes. InsiJets secures efficient, discrete travel, flawlessly executed… right down to the in-flight sushi Bottas prefers. As of 2019, Bottas is InsiJets’ official ambassador. 


The InsiJets team has a track record with the most luxurious and respected aviation companies in the world

Founder and Director, Luca Barbagallo, has worked with the largest private jet companies in the world.

He created InsiJets to deliver a more flexible, bespoke private jet hire service, based on deep experience with what discerning clients require.

Under his leadership, InsiJets has developed innovative IT systems that allow our team to track and secure the most in-demand, high-end private jets across 98% of the airports worldwide.

Luca Barbagallo
Private Jet Hire | Private Charter Flights | Insijets

You can rely on the InsiJets team’s 60 years of combined aviation industry experience and top-level skills

Above all else, InsiJets prioritizes client safety and experience

You’ll work with a team known for delivering proactive solutions with unparalleled attention to detail.

Every client touchpoint with InsiJets is informed by our commitment to uncompromising integrity, transparency and individualized service.

Six key reasons to help you out flying private.

Jet Charter Services | Air Charter Service | InsiJets

Quality of service

High-end seamless luxury experience. Your preferred food and drinks on board, individualised attention, plenty of luggage space, inflight entertainment for children, and pets are welcome on board.

Jet Charter Services | Air Charter Service | InsiJets

Time saving

We promise to cut your travel time! Straight to the jet door a few minutes before departure, flying direct to your destination.

Jet Charter Services | Air Charter Service | InsiJets


Have access to exotic unreachable destinations. Flying private enables you to often land closer to your true destination.

Jet Charter Services | Air Charter Service | InsiJets


You are in total control of the most important asset, your time! Book a jet a few hours prior to departure and don’t worry about running late.

Jet Charter Services | Air Charter Service | InsiJets


Enjoy time with your family or hold meetings in-flight and make productive use of your time, without being overheard.

Jet Charter Services | Air Charter Service | InsiJets

No stress

Forget long check in and security lines, lost luggage, transfers, delay concerns or security issues therefore ensuring hassle-free travel.

Our Head Office

Since October 2023, InsiJets has relocated its headquarters from London to Malta, a strategic move driven by our dedication to our European roots and core clientele. Although we have agents spread throughout Europe, Malta’s position as a natural hub for private aviation due to its ideal central European location, aligns perfectly with our future ambitions.

You may encounter an error on Google Maps where our former London location is marked as ‘permanently closed.’ While we are working to resolve this, rest assured that InsiJets continues to operate and grow.

Crossbow House 78,
Cospicua Road
+356 20 34 1715

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