The Singapore Air Show

The most prominent and esteemed event that unites Asia’s aerospace and defense industry, the Singapore Air Show, is set to welcome high-level government and military delegation, who will meet with more than 13,000 trade visitors and 600 participants at Singapore’s leading Changi Exhibition Center.

Where Asia's finest Aviation meet

Every two years, the Singapore Air Show welcomes senior corporate executives from around the globe, as well as high-level military and government officials, who come together to create new partnerships within the aviation industry. The largest airshow in Asia, the event has created a name for itself as the place to be for leading aerospace companies and emerging players keen to leave their mark in the international aerospace and defense market. Debuted in 2008, the event takes place over six days at Changi’s exhibition center. A unique platform for industry leaders and new players to share new thoughts and ideas during conferences, forums, and co-located events, visitors and participants are encouraged to contribute to dialogues, exchange ideas, and craft new strategies. Devised to advance the interests of the global aerospace and defense sector, the Singapore Air is the most significant event of its kind.
The Singapore airshow

Biannually from February 20 to February 25, 2024

Taking place from February 20 to February 25, 2024, at the grand exhibition center in Changi, the event includes the Aeroforum, What’s Next @ Singapore Air Show, Aero Campus, Flying displays, static displays, and more. The Aeroforum includes a series of open talks that facilitate crucial conversations to drive the industry forward, such as the Aviation CEO Forum. Recognizing the importance of how start-ups are changing the landscape across many sectors, the What’s Next @ Singapore Air Show programs showcase innovators as potential growth drivers of the industry, with a focus on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and Cyber Security. Returning for its 5th edition, AeroCampus by Singapore Airshow aims to offer a platform for the next generation of young talents while fostering deeper interest and insights into the higher education opportunities available in the Aerospace industry. With flying displays from the military, such as the United States Air Force and Indian Air Force, and civil companies, like Airbus and Boeing, these live showcases enthrall all visitors. Attendees also have the chance to get up close and personal with an exciting line-up of commercial aircraft and military jets worldwide. Chartering a private jet to attend the Singapore Air Show not only ensures your safe, private and timely arrival but also sets the mood for the entire event.

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