Transatlantic flight: everything you need to know

Just a couple of years ago, crossing the Atlantic was best done through commercial flights from both organizational and cost standpoint. People interested in private jet flights across the Atlantic couldn’t find ones that flew nonstop, or even if there were flight schedules that worked with them, the booking process and the unpredictability of cost made it all the more challenging. Nowadays, transatlantic flights have become more convenient and easily booked through intermediaries like our InsiJets International Aircraft Network. So, before we go on to the most important information regarding transatlantic private jet flights, here’s how InsiJets, with our leverage and bargaining power, acts in your best interest and can provide you with the cheapest private jet charter solutions.

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InsiJets’ Seamless Private Fleet Booking

Meet our Live Market Pricing and Prefix-hourly rates.

Through these two programs, our loyal clients are guaranteed the best private jet rental prices. We have access to empty legs and keep track of them in our database. So, if that is your preferred way of flying, InsiJets can make your wish come true through our partnership with 7000+ state-of-the-art private fleets worldwide.

Our vast range of services and private jets offer aside, here’s what you can expect from flying across the Atlantic with our transatlantic private jet rental.

The full transatlantic flight experience

Whether a first-timer or a seasoned jet rental traveler, with InsiJets, you have the chance to customize your entire experience from takeoff to landing. Transatlantic flights predominantly offer a vast horizon of the blue ocean but depending on the route, you can even spot Greenland in traveling in the Northern Hemisphere. And if traveling at night, you may see many other planes parallel flying or spot their lights in the dark skies. It all converts to an unforgettable experience, unique every time you fly.

When renting a private jet, you can choose to make a fuel stop or to do a nonstop flight across the Atlantic when time is of the essence. For instance, our fleet has a G700, an ultra-long-range jet cabin with a flight range of 14 hours. This plane can take you to your destination across the Atlantic, flying nonstop with up to 8 people can have all the comfort they need.

Another one very popular among our clients, the CHALLENGER850, a heavy 6-person jet cabin with the capacity of flying for six hours at a maximum speed of Mach 0.80, can be booked for those who opt for a fuel stop during the flight.

In our fleet, we have many other high-capacity aircraft capable of nonstop transatlantic routes like the GLOBAL 7500, part of the Bombardier’s Global family, that now outflies many of its predecessors within the same line with its top speed of Mach 0.925.

Global 6000 Private Jet Charter

Length of Flight

Many times we are asked about the most popular routes and destinations along the flight time for each we have to offer. However, coming from experience, we can safely say no two InsiJets routes are the same because of the vast array of fleet we provide to our client’s preferences. But, if we were to choose the most frequent ones, then they would be routes from Paris to Miami, London to Los Angeles, New York to Berlin, or Washington to Madrid.

The length of the flight also depends on many factors, one most important being the jet. So, for instance, a GLOBAL 7500 can get you from New York to London in a little over five hours while Los Angeles to New York with a constant speed of Mach 0.925 can be completed in three hours and 54 minutes. In comparison, flying commercially, you would need almost six hours to complete this coast-to-coast flight. So, the time you save by flying our private jet fleet is extraordinary, not to mention the comfort and convenience that go along with it.

Additionally, the weather conditions can sometimes affect flight time. We usually plan for everything and inform you beforehand. However, during winter months, weather diversions, tailwinds, and headwinds can decrease speed and increase fuel burn, influencing the flight length. Our pilots are always on top of weather conditions, monitoring any weather changes that might occur prior to or during your flight.

The Cost of Transatlantic Jet Flights

The pricing of our private fleet routes varies between destinations, type of aircraft, and way of traveling. For a pricing quote on any transatlantic itinerary, get in touch with us through our Contact page.

In order to provide as affordable and efficient private jet programs as possible, we have created our top-notch loyalty program. With our InsiJets Card, you can buy flying hours at a fixed rate at the time of booking. It is a 10-hour minimum prepaid model, which gives you access to the most cost-effective bookings of our 7000+ private jets. Tailored specifically to your flying requirements, with this loyalty program, you opt for long-term flight-booking solutions and peace of mind.

Upon signing up for our program, you get a designated booking manager that is available to you 24/7 during the booking process. They will help you pick the best option based on your particular needs.

Global7500 Private Jet Charter

Flexible transatlantic private jets – exceptional possibilities

The reason why private jet rentals are becoming increasingly popular is the designated flexibility and convenience that come with our jet booking system.

–          Flying With Your Pets

The great thing about transatlantic flights with jet rentals is that you can take your pets on-board with you if traveling for a longer time. If your pet has valid documentation, we can easily arrange the whole process for you. After all, pets are part of the family, so why leave them behind?!

–          Empty Legs Available

Did you know that you can book an empty plane and fly commercial alone at discounted prices? Sometimes, it can happen that an aircraft is returning empty, so they offer considerable discounts even at short-notice bookings. Your dedicated jet account manager can book you this type of flight when available so that your comfort and privacy are at the highest level throughout the flight.

How to Avoid Jet Lags and Flight Turbulences?

They say, if you want to overcome your fear of flying, fly private. Private jet bookings are the most comfortable flight experiences because of their safety. Every transatlantic flight comes with a Captain and Co-pilot with an additional pilot ensuring timely crew change, thus the highest efficiency while flying.

Each crew member is well-informed of the weather conditions and the jet streams across the Atlantic, and they are well-trained in handling each one. This way, they can inform you timely of any turbulences taking place so that you have your peace of mind at all times during the flight.

Lastly, we understand that jet lags can be one of the most daunting flight downsides, but that’s when flying commercial only. When you rent a private jet charter, you dictate when you travel and pick the time when you can easily avoid a jet lag. What’s more, our high-end jets feature cabin management systems with fresh air that helps ease this unwanted outcome.

After all, jet lags are primarily dictated by sleep. So, when booking with InsiJets, ask your booking manager for a private jet with flatbeds. This way, you can peacefully sleep in the comfort of the on-board cabin to be fresh and rested when you arrive at your destination.

When it comes to flying a jet rental over the Atlantic, your safety is above all. This is why InsiJets has an array of large and ultra-long fleets that can make the flight in one go without a fuel stop. This ensures guaranteed privacy and a safe and comfortable flight no matter what your final destination is.

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