Top Fishing Destinations Around the World

Plan the perfect fishing trip to destinations around the world. Fishing is a popular pastime for our affluent clients that enjoy a peaceful time out on the water while spending time in luxury accommodations. Our job is to get you to your destination efficiently so that you can spend more time enjoying your vacation. We’ll look at top fishing destinations in the US, Europe, and the UAE that you’ll have an unforgettable time at and maybe even catch your trophy fish.

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Fishing Destination in the US

The US is a unique fishing destination with opportunities to experience the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It has ports all around the country where you can arrange private fishing trips and catch impressive fish.

Let’s check out the best US fishing destinations and the nearest airports to charter a private jet.

Top Fishing Destinations Around the World

Destin, Florida

Destin is one of the best places to visit in Florida to find exciting fishing charters. From the various fishing trips available to the luxury hotels, it will be the perfect fishing trip.

Charter a private aircraft directly into the Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport, which is only a half-hour drive away from Destin’s waterfront. There are several different options for fishing – deep sea fishing, shark fishing, bass fishing, and inshore fishing. You can catch a range of fish, including sharks, sea trout, kingfish, redfish, bluefish, and Tarpon.

Enjoy your stay at one of the luxurious waterfront resorts. Emerald Grande at HarborWalk and the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort offer spacious suites with views of the Emerald Coast. You’ll be steps away from the beach and have access to plenty of amenities to help you relax after a successful day of fishing.

Homer, Alaska

A trip to Homer, AK, will be one of the most adventurous fishing destinations that you visit. It’s one of the top fishing destinations in the US and most famous for halibut. Several companies offer private fishing trips that take you out for the day to catch trophy-sized halibut and other fish, including salmon, rockfish, and codfish.

You’ll have an exciting time with long-range fishing in Kachemak Bay. It’s one of the top places to catch fish in the Kenai Peninsula.

You can charter a jet to the Homer Airport, which is only five minutes away from the coastal town. It’s only minutes from the moment you touch down to being out in the bay fishing.

Homer features luxurious cabin lodges, such as Alaskan Suites. The cabins offer a five-star lodging experience tucked in the wilderness with stunning views overlooking the Kachemak Bay.

Top Fishing Destinations Around the World
Top Fishing Destinations Around the World

Westport, Washington

There’s nothing like fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Westport ranks among the best places to fish in the US thanks to the diverse kinds of fish you’ll find near the coast or further out in the Pacific Ocean.

Plan a personalized fishing trip in Westport. There are plenty of boats with expert captains who can help organize a trip to find a particular fish – an excellent way to cross off a fish from your catch list. Deep-sea fishing trips are great for catching halibut and tuna. Sail near the coast for salmon, cod, rockfish, and bottom fish.

The main Port of Grays Harbor is only minutes away from the Westport Airport, where you’ll land in your chartered jet. In addition, Westport provides lavish stays for regional anglers at one of its beachfront resorts or condo rentals.

Fishing Destinations in Europe

Europe features some of the most diverse fishing destinations in the world. It’s a hotspot for deep-sea fishing and trophy fishing, where you can catch massive fish. Visit the top fishing ports in Europe and plan a memorable fishing holiday.

Charter a private jet to these top Europe fishing destinations.

Golden Circle, Iceland

The captivating landscape of Iceland attracts anglers from around the world. The remote location gives it a particular aura that’s ready for you to experience all that it has to offer.

Reykjavic is the capital and largest city in Iceland, where you’ll find several ports. It’s a luxury fishing destination with dedicated yachts that passengers can reserve for private fishing excursions. Journey through the Golden Circle to catch fish against the backdrop of beautiful cliffs and mighty waterfalls.

Reykjavic International Airport has a dedicated FBO terminal to start your fishing journey within minutes of landing in Iceland. Expert anglers can charter a jet to Akureyri International Airport for access to Iceland’s northern region. It offers a more remote fishing experience on the wilderness coast.

Top Fishing Destinations Around the World
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Algarve Coast, Portugal

Portugal’s Algarve Coast is a vacation hotspot for Europe’s high-net-worth residents. It’s a place known for its beauty, world-class golf courses, and fishing.

Faro Airport is a hub for private jet arrivals to the Algarve Coast. It’s less than 2.5-miles from the city center, where you’ll find excellent accommodation options and less than 20-minutes to the fishing town of Olhão.

Olhão is the biggest fishing port on the Algarve Coast. Enjoy fishing near the coast or venture out into the ocean for deep-sea fishing. It’s a chance to catch big game marlin, sharks, and mahi-mahi.

Retreat to Faro after your fishing excursion to stay in an opulent villa or beachfront resort complete with all the amenities from golf courses to spas.

Weymouth, UK

Touch down at the FBO at Bournemouth Airport to access the remote town of Weymouth. It’s a well-known region for fishing trips along the UK’s Jurassic Coast. The towering cliffs emerging from the English Channel give the site an enchanting atmosphere for your next fishing vacation.

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most popular fishing styles in Weymouth. Take a boat out into the channel to catch mackerel, bream, congers, dogfish, and more. You can find half-day or full-day fishing trips to catch all the fish that you can imagine.

Plan your trip to Weymouth for a tranquil UK escape. Return to the harbor after fishing, and you’ll be steps away from your harborside accommodation. Many luxury condos and holiday cottages offer spectacular views of Weymouth Bay.

Top Fishing Destinations Around the World

Fishing Destinations in the UAE

Treat yourself to a luxury holiday trip to the UAE to find world-class fishing destinations. Fishing remains a major industry, and there are lots of private fishing charters available for leisure fishing.

Thanks to local FBO terminals at these top UAE fishing destinations, it’s an easily accessible place to travel to and from.

Top Fishing Destinations Around the World


There’s no denying that Dubai is one of the top luxury travel destinations in the world. It’s a place where the wealthy go to play, and fishing is one of their favorite pastimes. Experience a one-of-a-kind fishing trip in the “City of Gold.”

Dubai is established on the Persian Gulf coast, which is full of diverse fish species. The luxury fishing trips are tailored to you to catch fish such as barracudas, kingfish, groupers, and snappers. Not to mention the breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline while out on the water.

Traveling to Dubai gives you a chance to experience the lavish Jetex FBO Terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport. It’s one of the most luxurious dedicated private jet terminals globally and provides easy access to the Dubai Marina.

Muscat, Oman

Muscat delivers a unique fishing experience on the Arabian Sea. It’s the perfect destination for a luxury retreat to enjoy fishing in one of the most historic fishing cities in the world.

Fishing has long been a tradition in Muscat. The local ports offer two different ways to go fishing in the sea. Go for a modern fishing trip on a luxury yacht or opt for a traditional dhow boat fishing experience to immerse into the local culture.

The Arabian Sea is a popular fishing spot with over 1,000 different species. The most common fish to catch are kingfish, snappers, trout, and mackerel.

You can charter a private aircraft to the Muscat International Airport, located just outside of the capital. Make the most of your fishing trip by staying in one of the top five-star hotels like the Al Bustan Palace and Al Bandar Hotel.

Top Fishing Destinations Around the World
Top Fishing Destinations Around the World

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Not only is Abu Dhabi the capital of the UAE, but it also ranks amongst the top fishing destinations in the UAE. It’s a place to visit for a luxurious fishing trip unmatched by any other city in the world.

Explore the Persian Gulf waters to discover species like trevally, kingfish, cobia, and grouper. There are many local fishing charters available for trips lasting up to 16 hours for true fishing enthusiasts. It’s a popular place for deep-sea fishing and bottom-sea fishing.

Arrive at the Al Bateen Executive Airport, located in Abu Dhabi’s most upscale district. It’s only a short drive to the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club. The opulent Emirates Palace is a favorite resort to stay in, located on the beach with its own marina.

InsiJets is dedicated to delivering a seamless travel experience to get you to these destinations and more. Contact us if you’re thinking about chartering a private jet to a fishing destination, and we’ll assist you with the best options to curate the best experience.

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