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Whether you are a frequent flier with thousands of air miles under your belt, or new to the world of private air travel, you are sure to all have one thing in common: you want your air travel experience to be as safe as possible. Safety is our primary concern too, which is why, across the InsiJets International Aircraft Network of 7,000 available jets, we ensure that the fleet meets or exceeds every possible safety standard available. We want our clients to travel in both style and comfort, safe in the knowledge that their families, colleagues, or anyone else they choose to travel with, are as safe as they can possibly be. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about the safety standards available across our networks, with different providers choosing to register with different agencies.

What our clients say

EU and US Safety Standard Compliant

All of the jets within our network are fully compliant with both EU and US safety standards. In the US, private jet owners follow a set of Federal Aviation Administration regulations known as FAR 91, but many of the jets in our network exceed these standards. We also ensure our network of jets conform to the safety standards required to fly in the Middle East. We are very proud of our established safety culture, and apply a code of best practice and consistent safety procedures systematically to every single flight we fly. We won’t just fly any jet: our network is compiled of suppliers who have been thoroughly screened and carefully selected, ensuring that our high standards and exacting expectations are adhered to at all times.

What is more, our safety Intelligence team has conducted research and analysis to be fully aware of every single aircraft supplier and its safety records, pilot background, insurance coverage, flight performance, financial stability, and overall reliability.

Fully IS-BAO Compliant

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a voluntary safety standards programme that is recognised globally as one of the highest standard aircraft safety programmes. Many of the providers within our network chose to comply to IS-BAO, to demonstrate their commitment to operational excellence.

So, in real terms, what does being IS-BAO compliant actually mean? It means that their safety measures have been fully audited, infrastructure is established, and that safety management activities are appropriately targeted . Providers that choose to focus on IS-BAO certification are providers that wish to ensure that a positive safety culture is sustained in everything that they do.

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We are ARGUS Charter Operator Rated

Having an ARGUS rating is an instant indicator of a Jet operator that really cares about safety standards, and is prepared to undertake continuous monitoring and training, not only to demonstrate commitment to safety but also to increase passenger confidence. Earning an ARGUS Charter Operator Rating demonstrates your adherence to an internationally recognized standard. That is why we are proud to include jets in our network that are long-term members of the ARGUS operator scheme and undertake all of the due diligence necessary to maintain this membership. This demonstrates that they hold:

  • An operating certificate for a minimum of one year
  • At least one turbine aircraft on certificate
  • Have undertaken an in-depth Historical Safety Analysis
  • All of our Pilots have undergone a formal background check
  • Aircraft operational control validation


When you are bringing your family onboard a private jet, particularly for the first time, we want you to do so in complete confidence and with complete peace of mind. Private air travel is an ideal choice for nervous flyers, who can minimise their time in crowded passenger terminals and instead focus on getting from A to B quickly, and in luxury and style. Choosing a plane with a high ARGUS rating plays a key role in providing you with that peace of mind, and something we are incredibly proud to offer.

We are a Wyvern Wingman Operator

Only an operator who has successfully passed a Wingman audit and is in good standing with WYVERN may call themselves a Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator, and we are delighted to count amongst our available fleet a number of charters who can do so. Wingman Operators are found to conform to all applicable ICAO safety standards related to commercial air transport and safety management systems. There is no higher standard than the Wingman Standard, which is why we work with jets who are amongst their number: further adding to the safety and peace of mind that we can offer to all of our clients.

Wyvern are known for setting the industry standard for best practice when it comes to safety, and achieving Wingman status is a very prestigious accolade. To maintain their Wingman standard, successful providers undergo an audit every 24 months. As a Wingman Standard operator, they must also notify Wyvern of any significant operational changes, including but not limited to:

  • Updated pilot medical information
  • Changes in insurance carrier or coverage amount
  • Updated background checks on pilots
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