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The Citation M2 is Cessna’s private jet from a very light jet range and the successor to the Citation Mustang, the category leader (which ceased new production in May 2017). The Cessna M2 has a new wing design using ‘swooplet’ wingtip extensions, as well as a modern avionics package and more efficient Williams FJ44 turbofan engines.

Together, these factors enable the Citation M2 private jet to carry a larger payload with greater range, better flying characteristics, and a faster cruise speed than any other very light jet on the market.

The cabin of the Citation M2 is spacious and inviting, with the most recent advances in passenger communications and lighting. The Cessna M2 can seat up to 4-5 passengers comfortably, with plenty of leg and headroom. It also benefits from a private lavatory and restroom, unlike its predecessor, the Citation Mustang.


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Luggage Capacity

up to 4 bags

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