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Valtteri Bottas InsiJets Ambassador

Valtteri Bottas comes aboard as an ambassador for InsiJets

Valtterri Bottas, the Finnish motor-racing champion, knows why InsiJets is the perfect choice for private jet travel. Bottas, who has won eight races, in 2017, 2019 and 2020 has a jet-setting lifestyle, “I fly often and at short notice. When I’m working with tight timelines to reach a wide variety of destinations, it’s critical that I can secure the right aircraft to suit any airport. That’s why I choose the InsiJets Jet Card. I know that whatever my travel itinerary and destination, with the Jet Card, I’m guaranteed access to the right private jet for the flight.”

Finland is a country that has gifted the world with champion rally drivers due to the incredible landscape and popularity of racing, including the rising star, Valtterri Bottas. Bottas explains that in Finland, “there’s a big motorsport culture. It’s very popular… rallying, motocross… everything with an engine is very popular for some reason.” (Man of Many).

The 30-year-old champion, who has raced alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2020, knows that speed and convenience matter: in February 2020, he set a record time at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit with the fastest time ever in test sessions with an impressive 1:15.732. Valterri Bottas has come onboard as an InsiJets ambassador, representing a company that reflects his values, respects his need for flexibility and caters to his gruelling schedule which requires him to jet from his home in Nice around the world at a moment’s notice.

During racing season, professional racing drivers have to fly to 21 different countries and different time zones, travelling around 110,000 air miles every year. This creates demands on their bodies and biological clocks, to minimise the disruption to their bodies and schedules, this is where private jets come in offering flights in style and comfort.

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Bottas is a loyal InsiJets Jet Card member and makes the  most of InsiJets’ seamless and flexible travel experience and flexibility to cater to last minute bookings, discreet travel with a personal touch down to  his favourite in-flight sushi.

Jet charters are not only for the famous or wealthy, in fact, it is less expensive than you may think. There is a growing trend in the past few years to hire a private jet to fly to race weekends including both drivers and a growing number of their loyal fans. In fact, fans and groups of friends are now chartering jets to travel from race to race to experience each race to its fullest.

Private jets offer an exclusive experience where you can luxuriate in both comfort and style and enjoy individualised attention with your choice of food and drink and arriving at your destination faster than a commercial flight, allowing you to enjoy more time at your destination. Now in the quickly-changing world with COVID-19, private jet charter also allows you to travel without having to worry about crowded flights, airports, and accompanying health risks.

In previous economic downturns, the first industry to suffer was always the aviation industry, after COVID-19, commercial flight sales plummeted. However, now more and more people are opting for the safety and comfort of jets with record interest from new travellers who are discovering the benefits of private travel.

With the InsiJets Jet Card, you can fly from 98% of the world’s airports and gives you access to 7,000 aircraft at no additional cost, unlike other jet card programs, there are no peak periods and increased pricing meaning that you can fly any day or any weekend or holiday period at fixed rates and even on short notice!

As Bottas knows, InsiJet has the winning formula. Travel the way you want, when you want with InsiJet.

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