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Acquiring a private jet may seem like a complex, drawn-out process, but InsiJet’s team is here to support you every step of the way. Leveraging more than 60 years of combined experience within the aviation sector, unrivaled knowledge, and unparalleled attention to detail, InsiJets’ experts act in your best interest. 


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Aircraft Acquisition

Assessing each client’s unique needs, we ensure we find the best jet for the best price. Through established connections with leading manufacturers, brokers, and aviation firms around the world, clients are guaranteed optimal financial conditions, complete transparency, and integrity during the sale, from start to finish. Remaining by your side throughout the process, InsiJets offers support long after the successful closing of the deal and beyond.

Prior to beginning the actual acquisition process, InsiJets’ consultants help you determine and define your travel needs, from the size of the aircraft, and the number of passengers, to the travel range and more. Taking your current hours of travel, requirements, and what as an owner are looking for from your acquisition, an evaluation of your financial, legal, and tax situation will also take place.


Preliminary evaluation

After thoroughly examining your needs, InsiJets will then carry out a preliminary evaluation to help select the ideal private aircraft for your needs and wishes. Analyzing the market, your personal InsiJets broker will carry out research on all available aircraft on the market, as well as those off the market to shortlist potential options that meet all your requirements.


Private Jet Inspection

the written offer

Once the ideal aircraft has been found, a written offer is made ahead of a pre-purchase inspection. Carried out at a certified facility prior to closing the sale, this ensures the aircraft meets all safety and regulatory requirements and highlights any potential issues. InsiJets provides a full technical report for further reference.


Aircraft delivery

After the inspection results have been submitted, the country of registration will be selected, and all financial and legal documents will be presented to you before closing the sale and taking delivery of the aircraft.

While overseeing the acquisitions process, InsiJets can also assist you in the selection process of the best management and operation company for your newly acquired private jet.



Aircraft Sale

The devoted team at InsiJets can assist you not only with the purchase of your private aircraft but also with the sale of your plane in the event that you decide to go through with this course of action. All you have to do is get in touch with us by submitting a form on the website or via WhatsApp.


Strategy crafting

After you’ve entrusted InsiJets with selling your aircraft, the team will carefully craft a strategy to achieve a swift and successful sale. After conducting intensive research, your private aircraft will be promoted to a highly targeted list of potential buyers across the world. InsiJets’ direct approach involves proactively leveraging a network of repeat clients, tapping into close and critical relationships, conducting in-person meetings, calling campaigns, internet marketing, email campaigns, and hard copy mailings.

private jet brokers

smooth process

Once a potential client has been secured, InsiJets will set up all necessary meetings, facilitating the pre-sale inspection and any tax, legal and financial hurdles before finalizing the sale.

With an assertive and proactive approach, InsiJets is confident we will ensure the best price and sale conditions for all our clients.


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