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Private Jet Charter to New York

InsiJets is on hand to help you book the finest luxury private jet to travel between sunny Miami and New York City, and the other way around for the best price. Traveling between Miami and New York City via private jet takes approximately two and half hours, depending on the aircraft selected. The entire journey can be fully customized to suit all your needs, and we can help book all VIP airport transfers for the most seamless and stress-free journey.
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All eyes on New York

One of the most favoured private jet charter routes, the Miami to New York City passage is easily booked. Learn more about the famous events and places to attend further down this page.

Events to attend in the area

Explore the glamorous events to attend during your trip to New York.
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Tribeca Film Festival

Every year in April, the Tribeca Film Festival comes to New York City to celebrate music, filmmaking, and the cinema culture. This is a red-carpet event with hundreds of screenings of films from around the world. For all the film industry lovers we organise private flights to this even from all over the world.

Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival

NYC is undoubtedly linked to the culture of the arts. The International Fringe Festival in New York is a celebration of theatre that takes place in September and October each year. Come to the festival events to be inspired by everything from musicals to comedies, performance art, and other theatre innovations.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Christmas Tree is not an event itself, however, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting is - lots of people from all over the world come to see this happen live in form of their eyes. Overall, Christmastime is a wonderful time to plan a trip to New York City - let us take care of your private flights by contacting us.

Private jet charter flights from Miami to NYC

Our expert team of aviation experts is on hand around the clock to help procure the private aircraft that best fulfills your travel needs, whether they be business or leisure.

List of airports

  • La Guardia
  • Teterboro (lowest airport fee)
  • John F Kennedy International
  • Westchester County

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