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London to Dubai flight

The London to Dubai flight route is one of the most popular private jet routes due to the increasing number of business travelers flying between these two major hubs. Leisure flights are also prominent during the summer months when clients go out to enjoy the sun. The flight time is approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes, depending on the cruising speed of the jet you hire.
Dubai Private jet charter

All eyes on Dubai

A city built from desert backwater which has become one of the world’s most awe-inspiring cities in less than 50 years. A center of luxury, finance, leisure and tourism, Dubai is known for its cutting-edge skyscrapers, luxury shopping and lively nightlife. An artificial, modern city set in the desert, Dubai has also rapidly become a hub for high fashion, easily rivalling the catwalks of Milan and Paris. The place to be for any international jet setters, flying in and out of Dubai via private jet is the standard way to visit a city whose name is synonymous with luxury.

Events to attend in the area

Explore the glamorous events to attend during your trip to Dubai.
dubai boat show

Dubai Boat Show

More than 400 boats and yachts are available to view and test drive at Dubai harbour, the Middle East's largest marina with 1,100 berths during this event. This show takes place here for a reason - Dubai has 12.6% of the world's superyacht fleet. The city has second place in the world in the "billionaires" to "total yacht fleet" ratio.

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is considered to be the most expensive event of its kind, as the total amount of bets on it exceeds 100 million USD. Not only horse owners and other people who are not indifferent to equestrian sports come here, but also representatives of the upper strata of society from all countries, including show business and film industry stars, politicians, athletes and trendsetters. We highly recommend visiting Dubai during this time.


Al Gaffal Dhow Race

Al Gaffal is an annual long-distance race between crews sailing on 18-meter traditional wooden boats called dhows. The race is held in the Persian Gulf between the island of Sir Bu Nair, located near the Iranian coast, and the emirate of Dubai. This is a breathtaking event that our team recommends watching live!

Private jet charter flights to Dubai

Private jet charter flights between London and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates can be booked at any time, any place. Our aviation advisers are on hand to help you select the most suitable private jet options for every journey, whether you are flying for leisure, business or both. Our team is available 24/7 to help you charter the perfect private jet for your trips between London and Dubai at the best price.

List of airports

  • Dubai International
  • Jebel Ali (the most cost-effective airport)
  • Sharjah International (the least crowded airport)

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