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Pets on-board!

All you need to make them fly on a private jet

Owners of dogs, cats and other small friends know it well: pets are part of the family. They don’t just share space and time with us, but they also become part of everyday life – loyal and sweet companions for the whole family.

This is the reason why it is important to take care of them the best way possible, also when travelling. Private jet is one of the most suitable solutions to travel with pets: a custom space equipped with everything needed, a quiet and safe environment where it is possible for these special passengers to be together with humans they know well and are confident with.


“Vet certified” formula
Packages tailor-made on a pet’s needs, thanks to the consultancy of vets and pet-coaches.


Pre-flight coaching
In case it’s your pet’s 1st time on board or we’re dealing with an animal who is afraid of flying.


Safety in cabin
Compliance to regulation during landing, take-off and turbulence, with comfortable travel cage.


On-board meals
A gourmet menu for your pet is included, according to the usual timetable.


Pet-friendly flight
No boredom allowed for pets during the flight: a choice of toys is available on-board.


Documents support
We’ll help you to prepare all the required documents before the flight.

Step 1:

At InsiJets, we truly care about the needs of customers flying with animals. We constantly work to improve our “pet friendly” packages, and actually we’re proud to offer a top quality service for animals onboard.

Pet on board

Step 2:

Are you ready to book with us a private jet flight for you and your pet? Have a look at this simple checklist, and keep information at hand when you will contact our booking operator.

  • Does your pet have microchip or tattoo, and a valid passport?
  • Do you have certificates about vaccinations and tapeworm treatments?
  • What are dietary habits and special food needs of your pet?
  • Does your pet have any health issues? Is it undergoing any therapy?

Please, check as well the international regulations below to check if there are any additional requirements.

Pet on board

Step 3:

When you need to fly with a pet, keep in mind that regulations are slightly different for different places of the globe. Here you are some simple guidelines about the main areas served by InsiJets.

Pet on board

Step 4:

Travelling with pets is always a good idea, but often it’s not easy. Luckily flying by private jet can make the process smoother, and the support of a qualified team can avoid most of the problems.

If you are planning to fly with your animal friend, we can also help you to get information about less common species and exceptional regulations.

Just contact us, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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