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The Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet designed for customers looking for a practical and cost-effective option for short-distance air travel. This ultra-light jet is ideal for any flight under two hours in length and offers excellent value for money as one of the most cost-effective planes on the market.

Over 350 of these extremely popular jets have been produced and delivered to operators since 2005, and private jet manufacturers Embraer and Honda have both responded by launching competing VLJs. Despite being slightly larger than the Cessna Mustang, the cabin is still comfortable and seats four people. Furthermore, this aircraft provides excellent value for money, frequently being the most affordable jet on the market and frequently out-priced turbo propeller aircraft.

This well-built, elegant aircraft will make you feel safe. It can even land at airports with short runways and is available on short notice if you are called for a last-minute business trip.


Cessna Mustang


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up to 9 bags

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