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The Citation CJ3 private jet is one of the most popular generations of Citation Jets, setting efficiency and performance standards.

With its combination of extreme fuel efficiency and the expected luxuries, this aircraft provides one of the best executive jet air travel experiences. The interior’s functional yet elegant design captures the essence of the private jet experience. With a larger cabin for more comfort and seating, this aircraft can carry seven passengers for a five-hour flight. Its well-designed, deluxe cabin provides superior comfort and increased baggage capacity while remaining one of the fastest and most economical light jets.

The Citation CJ3 is a natural choice for a small group travelling up to 2,700 kilometres in five hours. It is a favourite among business travellers who appreciate the cost-effciency without sacrificing the expected comforts and reliability. It is known for its fuel efficiency combined with high performance. The wing design improves lift-to-drag performance significantly. What is more, despite its low fuel consumption during the flight, the Cessna CJ3 private jet has a surprisingly large payload and can easily operate from a short runway.


CJ3 Exterior


Cessna CJ3 Interior






Cabin Length


Cabin Width


Cabin Height


Luggage Capacity

up to 9 bags

Cabin layout

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